Let’s face it, human beings make a lot of waste. We’ve created a disposable society. So much of what we come into contact with ends up in our garbage. We can’t keep acting in such a reckless manner. The time has come to seriously look at how we are treating our home. We need to make better choices, that will help or at very least, minimize the negative effect that we have on our planet.

Currently we create 3 billion pounds of waste through plastic bottles annually. The benefits of bottled water may not be as impressive as many believe. Tap water is more strictly regulated for health standards than bottled water. Tap water is distributed through an energy efficient infrastructure, transporting bottled water however, involves long distances and burning massive quantities of fossil fuels. Nearly a quarter of all bottled water crosses national borders to reach consumers, transported by boat, train and truck. This transportation leaves a massive carbon footprint, all for a product that we could get from our taps.


We can do better! Start with a higher quality material, like glass, which allows us to reuse and cut down on what we send to landfills. This was one of the main reasons why the PURE glass bottle was invented. PURE was developed by Walt Himelstein, an Environmental Chemist, with over 23 years experience and a lifelong passion for the environment. His work in the areas of environmental clean up and monitoring drinking water led him to create a unique and totally safe product, that can have a tremendous positive impact on our planet.


The environmental problem is best addressed on a personal level, through the daily choices that we make. Those decisions carry weight, they can start a movement and result in something good. So let’s think deeper and act smarter for our health, our home and our future.

Precidio Design strives to conduct business with the highest ethical standards, with respect for our business partners, and with mindfulness to our shared social and environmental responsibility. We believe that conducting business with respect for people, planet, and profits will create lasting value and mutual benefit.


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