Glass is the best material we have to create drinking products. Glass is inert, nontoxic, easy to clean, easy to maintain and easy to recycle. Glass is made from sustainable raw materials. It offers unparalleled purity and preserves any beverage’s true taste. It keeps drinks colder, hotter and fresher longer.


The first glass was delivered from the heavens in spectacular fashion when lightning struck sand. The heat from the lightning bolt formed natural tubes of glass. Some time later, around 3500 BC, man replicated this natural occurring phenomena and since then, mankind has been using glass to form drinking containers.


Glass has always been the first choice in drinking receptacles and now more than ever, it is the right choice. Because it is chemical and BPA free it offers the best solution where our health is concerned. Because it keeps beverages in their purest and best tasting form, it is the obvious choice for our drinking pleasure. Because it is reusable and easy to recycle it is the smartest choice for our planet. So raise a glass to glass and drink to your health.


Precidio Design strives to conduct business with the highest ethical standards, with respect for our business partners, and with mindfulness to our shared social and environmental responsibility. We believe that conducting business with respect for people, planet, and profits will create lasting value and mutual benefit.


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